KISHO Corporation Co.,Ltd

Company Profile KISHO CORPORATION CO., LTD JAPAN KISHO, established in 1965, located in Fukuoka,moved its headquarter to Japan's hyogo prefecture in the city.

Hot Products

    • Anti-corrosion Nano Coating

      Anti-corrosion Nano Coating

      What are the factors that cause automobile corrosion? There are many reasons for metal corrosion. Humidity, humidity can cause corrosion, including rainfall, as well as solid dust particles. It may be difficult to understand solid dust particles here. What is more common is the smog in Beijing....

    • Falling Off After Glass Coating

      Falling Off After Glass Coating

      Some car owners worry about whether the crystal will fall off after the expiry date of the car glass coating, which will affect the appearance. In fact, it is too much to worry about. Glass coating is a transparent protective layer. The crystal composition of Huijiang is silica. When its...

    • Increase Sales Of Nano Coating

      Increase Sales Of Nano Coating

      Nano coating is a high-end item of the car detail shop. Not only does it require the highest process technology, but it also greatly improves the output value and profit of the store. Therefore, both general stores and car detail shops like to sell nano coating. However, due to the high unit...