10 common rescue calls in cars

- Feb 21, 2019-

10 common "rescue calls" in cars

 The new car is very quiet on the road, which proves that there is no problem with the whole internal parts of the car. After driving for a period of time, or if it is not well maintained, the car will slowly make a lot of noise, even if you are a car owner, you don’t know. This noise comes from where it is even considered to be a normal phenomenon, and all cars will appear for a long time. Can you know? Noise like this may be the sound of help, but you don't know.


   This sound is not obvious, sometimes it is not, and the sound is thicker. It seems that there is something to beat. When this problem occurs, the owners should pay attention to it. It is best to check if they have added it. Inferior gasoline, if the situation is more serious, there may be a popping sound, but this is quite scary.

2. Ticking

 When you ride a bicycle, you may have such experience. You often hear the sound of ticking constantly, and experienced people will know that it is not the gear that is broken or the sand, but it is almost the same for the car. It may be that the direction of the drive shaft is broken or the bending of the wind blade is loose. This is a dangerous phenomenon, and it will definitely not work in the long run.

3. hum

This kind of sound will make you feel that the car's tires are leaking for the first time, but the fact is that you are not so afraid to judge. Generally, the air conditioner has a problem. If this is the case, you will see a liquid outflow. If not, then you should check the tires, so as not to be half-way.

4. Resounding

This kind of sound is like a knock on the door. It is heavy and powerful. It is usually the problem caused by the aging of the car. It is also the sound caused by the damage of the bearing or engine valve. It must be checked by the auto repair shop professional before it can be given. A correct judgment.

5. Impact sound

It is like the sound of two metal collisions. This may be caused by the wear or looseness of the interface of some metal fittings. In addition, the rear suspension of the car is damaged due to the lack of transmission fluid.

6. Howling

This kind of sound usually occurs when turning. First, it is necessary to check whether the four tire pressures are the same. If there is no problem, it is presumed that the fan rotation belt is loose and damaged.

7. Howling

This sound is very common, but it is impossible to accurately and effectively determine the source of the sound. According to empirical analysis, it is very likely that some parts of the car are loose. When the car is started, the vibration is caused. The most common is the fixing of the air conditioner compressor. The bracket is loose.

8. The scream

 Generally, this sound is emitted from the compressor. If there is a problem, this is the place that should be detected most, or the ball in the bearing inside the compressor is broken.

9. Voice change

After the car has been driving for a long time, it will make such a sound, mainly caused by the aging of the motor. Many people ignore this point, but if this place strikes a big problem during your driving, then your car will strike.

10. Scream

This sound is estimated to be familiar to the owners, that is, the sound from the brakes, the sound is more obvious when the brakes are braked, and the regular replacement of the brake pads is also a guarantee for your own driving safety.