A KISHO Si-811 nano glass coating sample installment experiences feedback after 5 years

- Mar 20, 2018-

A sample installment experiences feedback after 5 years

KISHO Glass Coating first entered the Chinese market, because at that time the ceramics glass coating were a new generation of products, Many people do not understand it, in order to break the market, Japan KISHO Glass Coating factory proposes to issue free samples to customers for testing, most of the customers are also from each Automotive supplies exhibition.

At that time, there were a lot of people taking samples at the exhibition. Both the exhibitors and the exhibitors were required to register to take samples and try them on their own cars. Some people took them back for years, but now they still want to Those who understand the products, things that seem not to be of interest at the time, will suddenly come up with a connection one day.

There are different usages for KISHO Si-811 nano glass coating sample. For example,  think of our customer after 5 years,, and apply for a trial of car paint plating. Where is he using it? When used on motorcycles, the descendants disappeared again after the products were obtained, and they flashed out again after two months. This time direct order product.

Therefore, if you want to find a good product, you will not be afraid of delays and experiment. Investment is a reward, and you cannot easily blindly invest in it.