About Automotive plated glass coating color problem

- Jan 22, 2018-

Misunderstanding: Crystallization is not transparent yellowing is a good product plating!

Correct understanding: Different plating products, because of different ingredients, different formulations, showing the color will be different.

Such as KISHO top auto glass coating crystal was pale yellow, but also to improve the brightness and water repellent ingredients of the crystal elements have a sense of muddy, but the actual construction of the paint on, after the towel wipe to form a strong link network layer Will play a very good brightness, water repellent effect and strong attachment;

On the other hand, the crystal-transparent crystal products, which are especially crystal clear and transparent, are less costly and have less performance than the top-grade products. Therefore, the crystal state after crystallization in the container can not reflect the effect of the crystal-plating .The effect of plating on the paint will prove everything.