Advantages and disadvantages of Rear-engine Rear-drive

- Nov 29, 2018-

Advantages and disadvantages of Rear-engine Rear-drive


(1) Due to the small yaw moment, the vehicle handling is very flexible;

(2) Good starting and climbing performance, and almost independent of the load state;

(3) Since the engine, the transmission and the differential are integrated, the force transmission path is short;

(4) Because the front wheel load is small, the steering is light;

(5) The brake force distribution is reasonable;

(6) The front suspension has a simple structure;

(7) The engine is easy to disassemble;

(8) There is no raised passage or only a small passage on the underbody;

(9) A small suspension can be used in front.


(1) Straight driving performance is general (the factory value of the caster back rake angle is 8°);

(2) The lateral wind sensitivity is large;

(3) Due to the small front wheel load, it is difficult to turn on the ice;

(4) Obvious over-steering when turning;

(5) The torque that the engine mounts to bear is the engine torque multiplied by the total gear ratio;

(6) Due to the short pipeline, the design of the exhaust device is difficult;

(7) The problem of engine noise reduction is difficult to solve;

(8) complex shifting mechanism;

(9) When the heat is placed forward, a long water pipe is required;

(10) Due to forced cooling, the heat required by the radiator is large, and the electric fan can only be used when the radiator is placed in front;

(11) The warm water pipe or the warm air pipe of the heater device is long;

(12) The fuel tank is difficult to arrange in a safe area;

(13) The luggage space is greatly limited.