Advantages of a gasoline injection engine

- Aug 25, 2018-

Advantages of a gasoline injection engine

(1) Since the sprayed fuel mist is fine, it hardly occupies the intake air volume, so the charge factor of the gasoline engine can be increased, thereby improving the power of the engine.

(2) In the multi-point injection mode, each injector uses a separate injector to inject fuel, which is beneficial to ensure the fuel distribution uniformity of each cylinder. In addition, the low intake air temperature allows a higher compression ratio, which improves the economy of the engine.

(3) The control of fuel supply in the electronically controlled gasoline injection mode is more accurate than that of the carburetor. The atomization of the injector is good, the wall deposition is less, and the reaction speed is sensitive to the change of working conditions. Therefore, the stability at idle speed And the starting and acceleration performance are superior to the carburetor supply.

(4) If the gasoline engine adopts the direct injection method in the cylinder, it is beneficial to achieve thin and stratified combustion, thereby improving the thermal efficiency. For two-stroke gasoline engines, fuel loss during scavenging can be avoided.

(5) In the gasoline injection mode, the entire fuel supply system is in a sealed state with a certain pressure. After being heated, the gas resistance phenomenon caused by the evaporation of the fuel does not occur as in the carburetor supply mode, and the work is relatively reliable, and at the same time HC has less evaporative emissions.