Advantages of hybrid vehicles

- Mar 21, 2019-

Advantages of hybrid vehicles

1 Compared with the traditional car, the internal combustion engine always works at the best working condition, and the fuel consumption is very low.

2 The internal combustion engine mainly works near the best working point, with sufficient combustion and clean exhaust gas; there is no idle speed at the start (idle stop).

3 No external charging system is required, and problems such as one-time driving mileage and infrastructure are solved.

4 The miniaturization of the battery pack makes the cost and weight lower than that of electric vehicles.

5 Engine and motor power can be complementary; motor drive can be used at low speed.

Under the current technical level and application conditions, hybrid vehicles are the most industrialized and market-oriented models in electric vehicles. Hybrid vehicles use internal combustion engines and electric motors as hybrid power sources. They have the advantages of good fuel engine power, fast response and long working time, as well as the advantages of motor pollution-free and low noise, which achieves the best match between engine and electric motor. .