Affect the car paint aging factors

- Feb 05, 2018-

The aging index of a car top coat actually reflects the service life of the coating, that is, the ability of the coating to be exposed to the weather to withstand the natural environment. In daily life, the aging of automotive topcoats mainly includes the phenomena of loss of light, fading, discoloration and shedding and powdering, while the light, temperature, moisture and chemical corrosion in nature are the main factors leading to the aging of automotive topcoats. The reason is as follows:

(1) the sun's exposure: ultraviolet light in the sun is the main factor in the aging of polymer materials, the heat to accelerate the aging paint, thus causing damage to the paint.

(2) Acid and alkali corrosion: rain, dew and the air contains the corrosion of acid-base substances, can accelerate the aging paint, dull. Acid-base media and organic solvents that exist in nature are the major factors that cause the topcoat to be corroded by chemicals.

(3) Aeolian wear and tear: wind and sand wear can make a lot of small scratches on the paint, paint the mirror effect weakened.

(4) Iron powder: mining, construction sites, urban roads and railways are the main source of iron, iron itself is easily oxidized, but also easy and acid, alkali material chemical reaction rust, iron oxide will drive the car paint Oxidation together, the light so that the paint gloss decline and discoloration (white paint turns yellow, dark brown paint turned brown), can cause serious paint deterioration, peeling off.

(5) Urban dirt: pollen, pests, guano, asphalt and other corrosion, paint can make the formation of stains, gloss disappears.

(6) Car wax: car wax containing oil composition, paint protection time is very short, it will soon be oxidized, the oxidation of the residue will accelerate the aging paint.

(7) Regular grinding and polishing: The new factory paint is sprayed by the machine, the surface of the varnish is particularly flat, the thickness of the paint is generally between 90-150um, varnish thickness of which is 20-30um, each polishing can be cut 1-3um, we can see that repeated polishing will also bring damage to the paint, but to remove the scratch only polished or re-paint.


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