After car KISHO Glass Coating to pay attention to what?

- Mar 28, 2018-

After car KISHO Glass Coating to pay attention to what?

1, to avoid the use of dirty towels, please choose a soft microfiber towel material wipe the paint, do not wipe the paint in the body without the dust clean.

2. If the bird's droppings, corpses, and gums on the paint surface are left untreated for a long time, the plating film will be eroded and the film will be damaged. Please handle it in time.

3, after driving on the beach or on the rain and snow road, do not leave it for a long time and you should wash your car as soon as possible.

4. The plating film layer is naturally hardened and crystallized according to the difference in temperature and humidity. According to the different environments, the complete hardening time of the film layer is slightly different. It hardens about 2-3 days after the construction and needs attention during maintenance. Within 24 hours after construction, the paint shall be kept free of water and wipe. Do not wash the car within 7 days to ensure that the glass coating film is completely hardened.

5. Do not allow tap water to dry naturally on the paint. Chlorine contained in tap water will cause spots on the paint and the water should be wiped off in a timely manner. After the car wash, you must wipe the paint of water droplets clean.