Anti-fog glass classification

- Nov 20, 2018-

Anti-fog glass classification

Anti-fog glass is divided into coated anti-fog glass, electric anti-fog glass and nano composite anti-fog.

1. Coated anti-fog glass: The form of the fog layer is prevented by the micropores of the coating. The anti-fog coating is generally rich in conductive materials such as ITO and silicon oxide, which can be sealed on the mirror surface and glass to form a super hydrophilic seal. Electrostatic antibacterial agent with excellent anti-fouling, anti-fog and anti-static effects.

2, electric anti-fog glass: through the electric heating to increase the mirror surface humidity, the fog quickly evaporates, so that the fog layer can not be formed. In addition, there are other types of anti-fog mirrors on the market.

3, nano-composite anti-fog glass: the use of nano-glass anti-fog film using physical and chemical phase and glass firmly combined, the treated glass surface has a hydrophilic function, because water can not form water drops on the surface of the substrate, but A uniform water film is formed to achieve an anti-fog effect.