Antifreeze introduction

- Aug 11, 2018-

Antifreeze introduction

Antifreeze is a kind of coolant containing special additives. It is mainly used in liquid-cooled engine cooling system. Antifreeze has anti-freeze in winter, anti-boiling in summer, anti-scaling throughout the year, anti-corrosion and other excellent properties.

1.chemical composition

More than 95% of water-based antifreeze solutions using ethylene glycol at home and abroad, compared with tap water, the most prominent feature of ethylene glycol is antifreeze, and water can not be frozen. Secondly, ethylene glycol has a high boiling point, low volatility, moderate viscosity and small change with temperature, and good thermal stability. Therefore, glycol type antifreeze is an ideal coolant.

2.Type of antifreeze

There are many types of antifreeze for automobiles, such as calcium chloride (CaCl2) in inorganic matter, methanol (CH3OH) in organic matter, ethanol (C2H5OH, common name alcohol), ethylene glycol (C2H4(OH)2, common name sweet alcohol), Glycerol (C3H5(OH)3, commonly known as glycerin), lubricating oil, and sugar, honey, etc., which are common in our daily life, can be used as the mother liquid of antifreeze. Add appropriate amount of pure soft water (with or without a small amount of calcium and magnesium). Ionic water, such as distilled water, uncontaminated rainwater, snow water, etc., with a total hardness of 0-30 ppm in water, can be a general antifreeze.