Aston Martin logo evolution history

- Dec 17, 2018-

Aston Martin logo evolution history

The first car logo: 1923-1925

In 1923 Lionel Martin drove his own car to win the mountain car race in Aston Clinton Hill. To commemorate the victory, he changed the name to Aston Martin in 1923. The car logo used the words Aston Martin. The combination of the first letters "A" and "M" and the use of a circular design means that Martin hopes that Aston Martin's car will be able to achieve a successful victory in all competitions.

The second car logo: 1926-1929

After the establishment of the new company in 1926, Aston Martin's second logo was born. This logo has no connection with the first generation in the design of the logo. The new logo has formed the prototype of the Aston Martin logo today. The logo is composed of multiple feathers in a "V" shape. The capital letters of "Aston Martin" all appear in the new logo. The logo was first placed on the Aston Martin T-type.

The third car logo: 1929-1931

In 1929, Aston Martin developed the International sports car for the International Le Mans. Because it is a civilian version, Aston Martin also designed a new logo for this model. The new LOGO is compared to the old LOGO. The sense is stronger, and the feathers on the LOGO wings become a whole.

The fourth car logo: 1932-1939

In 1932, the new car logo was released. This Aston Martin car logo is almost the same as the Aston Martin car logo that everyone sees today. The wings of the entire car logo are abstracted, and the feathers inside the wings are used directly. The lines are outlined, and the whole becomes more concise. The "Aston Martin" letter is also directly embedded in the middle of the wings. Aston Martin defines this logo as a flying wing of Dapeng, which means that the company is like Dapeng. The same, with the sprint speed and lofty ambition from the sky.

The fifth car logo: 1939

The sixth car logo: 1949-1971

In 1949, Sir David Brown incorporated his name into Aston Martin's logo, and processed the edges and internal lines of the original logo, making the new logo look thicker and stronger. The logo first appeared on Aston Martin's DB2 model.

The seventh car logo: 1971

In 1971, Aston Martin, in order to reflect the noble status of its top model DBS V8, also equipped it with a gold-rimmed Aston Martin logo, making this model more recognizable. At the time, in addition to the use of the gold car logo, this model also used a larger air intake grille, aluminum alloy wheels, etc., and the power was changed from the ordinary DBS inline six-cylinder engine to the 5.3L V8 engine. The engine has a maximum power of 315 hp and an acceleration of 0-100 km/h takes only 5.9 seconds.

The eighth car logo: 1972-1984

At the same time that Aston Martin was sold to Birmingham in 1972, the company’s helm was replaced by William Willson, so the words “David Brown” on the Aston Martin logo were obviously not suitable, so another The new Aston Martin logo was born. In addition to the letters of "David Brown", the feathers on the logo were re-combed. The inner and outer lines were connected and the background of the logo became Light blue. This logo was first used on the V8 after 1972. The new V8 and V8 Vantage models also used the new logo.

The ninth car logo: 1984-2002

After the Aston Martin of the Peter Livanos family, the models produced by Aston Martin were still V8 and V8 Vantage. This year, Aston Martin’s 10,000th model was off the assembly line, for this Aston · Martin has replaced the brand new logo, mainly for the internal lines and borders of the car feathers. The interior of the logo has become more compact and the frame has become silver again.

The tenth car logo: 2003-present

In 2003, when Aston Martin launched the 90th anniversary of the company and the establishment of a new factory in Gordon, England, the car logo was introduced. The new car logo is more regular, with borders and internal lines. The carvings are also more detailed.

Car mark

The Aston Martin car logo is a Dapeng flying in the wings, which means that the company, like the Dapeng bird, has the sprint speed and lofty ambition from the sky. The words "Aston and Martin" in English are indicated as a "three knots" car company.