Audi A8L flagship

- Dec 09, 2018-

Audi A8L flagship

The flagship model offers four high-efficiency engine options, including the W-type 12-cylinder engine, the V-type 8-cylinder 4.2-liter FSI engine and the V-type 6-cylinder 2.8-liter FSI engine, one based on the 2.8FSI engine. The new engine upgraded with a new technology will replace the original 3.2-liter engine to provide ample power for the A8L. The engine selection of the Audi A8L is rich and comprehensive, and while in keeping with the classics, it injects more modern high-tech elements with the concept of efficient vehicles.

The adaptive air suspension, standard on the Audi A8L, is an electronically controlled air suspension system with continuously variable damping control. It completely solves the long-standing contradiction between the pursuit of superior handling of luxury cars and the comfort of high-speed exercise. The data collected by the four sensors of the axle and the three acceleration sensors of the vehicle body are calculated and analyzed by the central control unit of the adaptive air suspension. The computer adjusts each shock absorber in milliseconds based on the recognized speed of the vehicle, ensuring optimum handling and perfect driving comfort. Drivers are free to choose from four pre-set driving modes, allowing the air suspension range to be adjusted from super sporty to super comfortable and smooth. The height of the car also changes accordingly.

Audi A8 hybrid hybrid

Audi's quattro full-time four-wheel drive system is still the leader in luxury cars. Under normal driving conditions, the new quattro full-time four-wheel drive system transmits torque to the front and rear axles at a static ratio of 40:60. The torque characteristics of the more rearward axle output make the Audi A8L even more controllable. The Audi A8L is equipped with a variable-assisted Servotronic electronically controlled power steering system. This standard configuration not only improves the steering accuracy, but also provides sufficient steering assistance at low speeds to help the driver easily perform the U-turn parking action.

The Audi A8L weighs only 220 kilograms without the door, hood and tailgate. Its lightweight structural factor has reached 1.5, and the crown of the same class has been undisputed. The direct benefit of lightweighting the body is a significant reduction in fuel consumption and emissions.

The ASF Audi space frame structure not only has the advantages of light weight and fuel saving, but also greatly improves the safety performance of the vehicle. Its torsional rigidity is up to 32,000 Nm/degree and can change the collision. The energy absorption path, in order to better resist the frontal impact, the stiffness distribution at the front of the car body is variable. In the event of an impact, the most energy should be dissipated in areas far from the cockpit. After the collision, the integrity of the cab can be guaranteed to maximize the protection of the occupants. On the Audi A8L, ASF perfectly achieves high standards of safety with extremely low vehicle weight through the use of an effective combination of forged and cast parts.