Auto glass deicing method

- Jul 29, 2018-

Auto glass deicing method

Method 1 Physical Deicing

The owner can prepare a hard plastic scraper. Of course, a special glass frost shovel can also be used. The glass frost shovel is more convenient and quick, and does not freeze hands. When there is snow and ice on the glass, use a plastic blade or a glass shovel to remove it. However, experts remind the owner that in addition to ice and snow, to prevent the glass from being scratched, plastic scrapers or glass frost shovel can not be scraped back and forth, should be pushed in the same direction.

Method 2 Chemical Deicing

According to experts, there is a spray deicing agent on the market. It is a high-speed anti-icing spray concentrate designed for icing windows and wipers. It does not damage the body surface and prevents icing and soiling.

When the temperature is below 30 °C, the ice and snow can be easily removed. At the same time, it can prevent the windshield and the water from freezing, without damaging the surface of the vehicle. After cleaning, the glass is smooth and free of streaks.

Method 3 Keep the temperature inside the car inside the car consistent

Experts suggest that the owner, after using the car in one day, do not immediately lock the car and leave, but open the door to ventilate, and wait until the temperature inside the car drops to the same temperature as the outside of the car (probably one minute). Then turn on the power and brush the snow on the windshield with a wiper; at this time, close the door and lock the car. The next morning, as long as the snow on the windshield is removed, there is no ice under the snow, and you can drive on the road immediately.