Automechanika Shanghai

- Dec 26, 2018-

Automechanika Shanghai

Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition is the popular name for the Shanghai International Auto Parts and Accessories Exhibition. It is the second largest auto parts brand exhibition in the world after Frankfurt's parent exhibition in Germany. It will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in 2016. (Shanghai), the exhibition area will reach 300,000 square meters, and more than 5,600 exhibitors are expected.

exhibition criteria

Components and components: automotive driving parts, chassis, body, electronics and electrical appliances, systems and components for automotive interior and exterior, driving power and electronic control

Accessories and modifications: auto parts, special equipment, modification services, performance systems and improved design

Repair and maintenance: car maintenance and repair equipment, workshop maintenance and painting, repair station construction and management

IT and management: IT products, vehicle exchanges, insurance, finance, lease management, vehicle inspection services, dealer management systems, dealer system planning, design, marketing

Gas station and car cleaning: gas station equipment, car cleaning and care

Auto Accessories: It mainly refers to the auto parts and related products needed for car modification, car beauty, and car decoration.