Automobile exhaust muffler structure

- Mar 19, 2019-

Automobile exhaust muffler structure

Automobile muffler can be divided into three types: resistance muffler, resistive muffler and impedance composite muffler according to the principle and structure of noise elimination.

1. Resistant muffler The muffler is composed of pipes, partitions and other components to form various muffling units such as expansion chambers and resonance chambers. When sound waves are reflected and interfered during propagation, the sound energy is reduced to achieve the purpose of noise reduction. The muffler of the resistant muffler has a limited frequency band. Generally, the muffling effect is good for the low and middle frequency bands, the high frequency muffling effect is poor, and the truck uses a resistant muffler.

2. Resistive muffler E is a muffler that is filled with sound absorbing material around the pipe through which the internal exhaust gas passes to absorb the sound energy for the purpose of muffling. It has good sound-absorbing effect on medium and high frequency, and is rarely used as a car exhaust muffler. It is usually combined with a resistant muffler.

3. Impedance composite muffler is a muffler composed of a combination of a resistant muffling unit and a sound absorbing material, which has the common features of a resistant and resistive muffler. It has a good sound-absorbing effect on low, medium and high frequency noise.