Automotive air conditioning system common problems and causes

- Jan 05, 2019-

Automotive air conditioning system common problems and causes

1. After using the car air conditioner for a period of time, it often smells like mildew and smoke;

2. When cooling or heating, the air blown out from the tuyere is not fresh. When people stay in the car for a long time, they will feel the nasal cavity and airway discomfort;

3. These are caused by the odor of the car air conditioner, so why does the car air conditioner produce odor?

Automotive air conditioning system

1. When the air conditioning system is running, the water vapor in the air forms condensed water on the surface of the condensing evaporator of the air conditioner, and a part of the water will remain in the evaporator and the air conditioning pipeline after the air conditioner is turned off. These waters combine with microorganisms and pollutants in the air to become a breeding ground for the growth of Phytophthora, Aspergillus, Penicillium, L. bacillus and aphids in humid, warm and dark air conditioning systems.

2. Nicotine produced by the occupants in the car

3, the smell of rubber, plastic and leather inside the car

4. Smoke, dust and exhaust gases from the outside air enter the car.

These odors not only cause difficulty in breathing, but also reduce immunity, and can cause irritability, reduce people's judgment and memory, and cause traffic accidents in severe cases. Bacteria, molds and viruses blown out from air-conditioning pipes threaten the health of drivers and passengers at all times. Therefore, the cleaning and maintenance of car air-conditioning systems is very important.