Automotive Beauty Industry World Sponge Ranking

- Oct 07, 2018-

Automotive Beauty Industry World Sponge Ranking

Autoglym red wet sponge

This is the highest density sponge in general. It must be kept moist in the sealed bag, otherwise it will harden into a stone after drying. Some players do not pay attention, always wait for the need to use water to soften, which will greatly reduce the life of this sponge. The advantage is that the hand feel is very delicate, it is very high-grade, the disadvantage is that it is difficult to store. The correct way is to spray the QD into the sealed bag, and then drain it to the air seal. There is also a wet body and the friction is relatively large.

Zymol blue waxing sponge

This can be said to be a signature piece of closed sponge. The hand-feeling elasticity is first-class, and the friction is very small and it is particularly comfortable to use. Almost no absorption of wax, it can be said that it is very material-saving, and naturally there is no such thing as a sticky hand. The downside is that it is small in size and is hard to accept for Asians. What about the five big three Americans? There is also the design of this crimping, which belongs to the failure. However, the overall texture of this sponge can be nominated for his privilege.

AutoFinesse double-sided black and white cotton

If the self-made sacred magic is the signature work of the closed sponge, the double-sided black and white sponge of AF is the representative of the open-air stomata sponge. The main color is the white surface, thanks to its even open pores, making it the only sponge that can be thoroughly cleaned. That is to say, any sponge will leave some traces after use, but this sponge can make it easy for you to squeeze out the excess medicine and keep it white. Therefore, I will choose the paint cleaning sponge as the main force, and there is no residual particles to ensure the safety performance of the next use.

Chemical kid honeycomb sponge

Both the material and the design are very user-friendly, and the large oval design is suitable for players with large palms. The disadvantage is that because of the large size, the amount of medicine used will increase a lot, and the details will increase the difficulty of operation.

Adams Magic Sponge

This sponge with a handle will save more effort than a flat design sponge, and there is no problem with the drug sticking. The size is moderate, the sponge hardness of the handle is sufficient to support, and the construction surface is very thin, which should be considered for saving chemicals. The disadvantage is that there are too many colors, each of which has its own matching sponge and needs to be selected.

AutoFinesse wax handle

AF is not strictly a sponge, but it can be used with velcro and different sponges to accomplish different tasks. It is difficult to solve the problem that Adams needs to buy 5 sponges for different jobs. The reason I listed is because the handle of this handle, the metaphor of borrowing a talent is: like the chest of the first love... that luster, that elasticity, really makes people can't afford it.