Automotive Glass Goating of raw materials introduced

- Mar 06, 2018-

Physical properties

Silica, also known as silica, chemical formula SiO 2. There are two kinds of crystalline and amorphous silica in nature. Crystalline silica due to different crystal structure, divided into quartz, tridymite and cristobalite three. Pure quartz is a colorless crystal, large and transparent prismatic quartz called crystal. If the crystal contains a trace of impurities with different colors, amethyst, Cha Jing and so on. Ordinary sand is small quartz crystals, yellow sand (more iron impurities) and white sand (less impurities, more pure).

In the silica crystal, the four valence electrons of a silicon atom form four covalent bonds with four oxygen atoms, the silicon atom is located at the center of a regular tetrahedron, the four oxygen atoms are located at four vertexes of a regular tetrahedron, the SiO₂ Is the simplest representation of composition, only the ratio of the number of atoms of silicon and oxygen in the silica crystal. Silica is an atomic crystal.

Natural diatomite is amorphous silica, is the remains of lower aquatic plant diatoms, white solid or powder, porous, light, soft solid, strong adsorption, insoluble in water.

Chemical properties 

Chemical properties are relatively stable. Do not react with water. Is an acidic oxide, not with the general acid reaction. Gaseous hydrogen fluoride reacts with silica to form gaseous silicon tetrafluoride. Reacts with hot, concentrated alkali solutions or molten bases to form silicates and water. With a variety of metal oxides at high temperatures react to generate silicate. For the manufacture of quartz glass, optical instruments, chemical containers, ordinary glass, refractories, optical fibers, ceramics. Silica is not active in nature. It does not interact with fluoride other than fluorine, halogens other than hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen halides and sulfuric acid, nitric acid and perchloric acid (excluding hot concentrated phosphoric acid)

KISHO Glass Coating mainly polysiloxane as the main ingredient, each crystal plating is composed of different levels of several polysiloxane science and reasonable with its silicon content can reach about 80-95%.