Automotive heater system classification

- Jan 07, 2019-

Automotive heater system classification

The car heater system is a complete device that blows cold air to the surface of the heat exchanger, absorbs its heat and guides it inside the car, thereby increasing the temperature inside the car.

1. Plumbing type heating system

The heat source comes from the engine coolant, and the plumbing type heating system is mostly used in cars, large trucks and passenger cars with low heating requirements. The plumbing type heating air system is mainly composed of a heater, a hot water regulating valve, a blower, a control panel and the like. Among them, the blower is composed of a DC motor with adjustable speed and a squirrel-cage fan, which is used to blow cold air to the heater, and the cold air is heated and sent into the vehicle. By adjusting the speed of the motor, the amount of air supplied to the cabin can be adjusted.

2. Air-heated heating system

The heat source comes from the engine exhaust system. Air-heated heating systems are mostly used in air-cooled engine vehicles.

Heat exchanger type warm air system: When heating, the exhaust valve 4 is turned to the position shown in FIG. 2, and the hot air in the exhaust pipe is introduced into the heat exchanger 5, and the cold air blown by the blower absorbs the heat after the heat exchanger, and then is introduced into the vehicle. Heating or defrosting inside.

3. Heat pipe heating system

The heat pipe heat exchanger is vertically installed in the floor of the compartment, the condensing and heat releasing section is above the floor, and the exhaust section is heated under the floor. The exhaust gas discharged from the exhaust pipe of the automobile engine is introduced into the heat pipe exchanger, and the heat pipe exchanger is filled with liquid ammonia. After the liquid ammonia is heated, it is vaporized one liter to the upper part of the heat pipe exchanger to exchange heat with the air to heat the air coming in from the vent. After the air is heated, it is blown into the cabin by the blower and the ammonia gas is released and then condensed and flows back to the lower part, and then the next working cycle is completed.

4. Fuel air heating type heating system

A heating system that directly heats air with fuel is called a fuel gas heating type warm air system.

Independent combustion type heating system

The heat source comes from the heat of combustion of the dedicated fuel. Independent combustion type heating systems are mostly used on buses.

5. Comprehensive preheating heating system

The heat source comes from both the heat of the engine coolant and the heat of the dedicated fuel burner. The integrated preheating heating system is mostly used on buses.