Basic overview of four-wheel drive system

- Dec 05, 2018-

Basic overview of four-wheel drive system

The 4WD-4 Wheel Drive system, as the name implies, is the driving force of all four wheels of the car. In this way, launch

The power of the machine is assigned to four wheels. When the road conditions are not good, the wheel slippage is not easy to occur, and the passing ability of the car is considerably improved. Many people may think that four-wheel-drive cars will have more enhanced grounding performance. In fact, they confuse the concept of floor-mounted performance. The biggest difference between a four-wheel-drive car and a two-wheel-drive car is that the FF model will be because of the wheel. The idling is understeer and deviates from the curve. The FR model will be tail-tailed, while the four-wheel drive will not have the above problem because the power distribution of each wheel is automatic. This is related to the car. Trace performance issues, not grounding performance.

Four-wheel drive systems are divided into two broad categories: active and passive. But the only thing is that there is only one, that is, to remove the power from the idling wheels and then redistribute them to the wheels with larger grips, just like the wheels are slipping. We have to stuff them with the stones and other things on the slippery wheels. The same is true for the following. When two-wheel (front or rear)-driven cars are idling and slipping, there is only one remedy, which is to reduce the driving force of the engine, and the driver can only achieve this by collecting oil, or driving the computer to control the throttle. The small collection. The four-wheel drive car is different. You can use your own preferences to refuel, and the power will be automatically distributed to each wheel through the electronic system, which can prevent the wheel from slipping more effectively.

The passive four-wheel drive system uses a mechanical transfer device, such as a gear-type torque-sensing differential - Audi's Quattro, or a hydraulic transfer case - Porsche's 911 Turbo, which is Involved after the wheel idling. The active four-wheel drive system is intervened by a multi-disc clutch controlled by a computer. For example, Volkswagen's 4 Motion, the computer will continuously collect data such as the speed of the tire and the size of the throttle, before the tire idling. Torque distribution is good.