Beauty and polishing tools introduction

- Feb 09, 2018-

electric polishing machine

①According to the appearance of the machine can be divided into: vertical polishing machine and horizontal polishing machine two.

②According to the rotation method can be divided into:

The first: rapid single-sided rotation, often called Promise speed polishing machine, (common brand Japan Makita MAKITA)

The second: the way the gear rotation (common brand Compaq COMPACT)

The third: the vibration rotation method also called vibration polishing machine can be polished can also be used for sealing glaze (common brand Japan Ryobi RYOBL)

These three kinds of electric polisher is a set of grinding and polishing equipment as a whole, according to the grindstone grinding operations can be carried out, according to the polishing disc can be installed for polishing operations. Both smooth and polish the finish by rotating the heat generated by the lapping or polishing discs to remove minor paint defects and improve the gloss of the finish. More than three polishing machine rotation speed from fast to slow, resulting in heat from high to low, the damage on the paint from large to small.

Special attention: electric polishing machine due to speed and power larger, grinding and polishing faster, although sub-different adjustable stalls, but note that due to the larger power of the machine, for beginners should always pay attention to the state of the machine, so as not to damage the car paint.

pneumatic polishing machine

low speed, grinding and polishing operations on the paint is relatively small damage. Need to match the air compressor, the price chant electric polish high.

polishing disc

a common material wool plate (long wool, short wool), sponge plate (coarse, medium and fine).

auxiliary products

masks, towels, sandpaper and so on