Benefits of Construction KISHO Glass Coating

- Mar 12, 2018-

Benefits of Construction KISHO Glass Coating

① easy car wash, save time and effort: super antifouling and hydrophobic so that dust is not easy adhesion and easy car wash, make your daily maintenance becomes more convenient.

② lasting protection, high cost: precision and smooth film with super adhesion, to give the paint a perfect long-term protection. Reducing the waxing, sealing glaze and grinding the number and cost of real protection to achieve more than cost-effective paint.

③ transparent luster, beautiful appearance: excellent permeability, so that the glossy glossy paint perfect expression. Mirror-like light reflectivity, filling the paint qualities make the paint look more dazzling.

④ super flexibility and hardness: endowed with a flexible layer of crystalline film, effectively alleviate the rapid driving, the gravel on the paint damage.

⑤ multi-effect protection, preservation and appreciation: the film itself will not oxidize and prevent the outside of acid rain, dust, insects dead, guano and urban dirt and other corrosion of the paint, while anti-ultraviolet function to effectively prevent paint fade, Paint bright as new and play a role in preserving value.