BMW X5 basic configuration

- Mar 09, 2019-

BMW X5 basic configuration

The BMW X5 has reached an unprecedented level in four-wheel drive vehicles in terms of technical equipment and performance. It has excellent handling sensitivity and handling stability, and uses a range of innovative technologies, including four-wheel brakes, ASC ten T (automatic stability and traction control) and DSCIII (automatic dynamic stability control). Whether it's on the road or on a rugged trail, it delivers powerful power and delivers outstanding performance. It accelerates and brakes flexibly even on soft roads. The BMW X5 engine range includes the V8 engine, the inline 6-cylinder engine and the newly developed 6-cylinder direct injection diesel engine.

The new model will bring BMW's attention to safety performance to the fullest. Compared to other off-road vehicles, the BMW X5 features an integral body, complemented by BMW's renowned comprehensive road safety technology (F.1.RST), which provides protection for occupants and vehicles in crashes. Unparalleled. It takes a distinctive 10 airbag solution (front, side and head airbags in the front, side and head airbags in the rear), and is no less inferior to BMW's large luxury car in terms of passive safety.

In terms of driving comfort and equipment, BMW SAV can also meet all the fans' expectations and dreams for a real BMW. Optional equipment includes sports bag, xenon-filled headlights, multi-function front steering wheel, electric rear seat adjustment, rear air conditioning, top-of-the-line fidelity, navigation system, comfortable seat, top and rear luggage racks.

The proportion of the body of the x5 is full of power and suppleness. The size of the zero 5 is 4.86m × 1.93m × 1.78m, which clearly shows its pursuit of vehicle flexibility and excellent handling performance, while at the same time providing unexpected space and practicality. For vehicles of this size, the X5 can be called compact, with a powerful, tamed and docile look. The 19-inch oversized wheel, short front overhang and well-arranged side lines make it look rougher and more dynamic. In appearance, the X5 also reflects the classic BMW style: such as the double kidney radiator grille, double round headlights, the unique bottom curve of the rear window, the "L" taillight arrangement and so on.

The second-generation X5 design style is similar to the first generation, and the front line is similar to the X3. With the seven-seat design in the luxury SUV market, the addition of the third-row seat to the new X5 is already a trend. In order to have enough space for the third row of seats, the new X5 is 16 cm longer and 6 cm wider than the old one. In addition, the new generation X5 will be equipped with advanced equipment such as active cruise system and night vision system with radar distance control. And the improved BMW X-Drive all-wheel drive system and the more advanced wheel-by-whee drive control system. The E70's powertrain list will consist of two diesel engines and two petrol engines, outputting a 231-hp 3.0-liter six-cylinder diesel engine; a 330-hp 4.5-liter V8 diesel engine; a 258-hp 3.0-liter six-cylinder gasoline engine; and an output of 367 horsepower. V8 gasoline engine.