Bora model background

- Apr 13, 2019-

Bora model background

Bora is the first self-designed model of FAW-Volkswagen, and is known as a new car that inherits the classics and surpasses the classics. At present, New Bora has fully started the booking on the opening day of the Beijing Olympic Games on August 8, 2008, and is tentatively scheduled to be officially released on October 10.

Bora: In 2001, the Volkswagen Group's new sedan was officially launched in China under the name of “Bolaille BORA”. With its dynamic shape and leading technology, it established a good reputation as “the driver's car”.

Bora power makes Bora have the sense of speed of the sports car. The 1.8T engine can easily accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers in 9 seconds. The maximum speed can reach 221km/h, and the whole acceleration process is 90Km/h. The constant speed fuel consumption is 6.3L/100km. Emissions up to the Euro 4 standard. On March 20th, 2016, the new Bora 2016 was officially launched.

In the European market, Bora is a competitive model for the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4, Opel Vectra. In the United States, it sold 145,000 units in 2000, defeating the BMW 3 Series, the Mercedes C-Class and the Passat B5. Many models have become the most popular European imported cars of the year. Europe's authoritative car magazine "AUTO MOTOR SPORTS" scored the highest score in the all-round and multi-angle evaluation of the main models of the BMW 3 series, Audi A4, Opel Vectra and Bora A4. The leading BMW scored 11 points. In particular, the score in terms of maneuvering driving performance is far ahead. Bora has also been rated as a good car that the public can afford in Hong Kong. With the rapid development of China's economy and the deepening of reform and opening up, one is young, energetic, open-minded, modern and has a strong sense of professionalism and social responsibility. The group with a successful career is forming a high-paying middle-class white-collar worker and continues to expand. They are eager to have a full-fledged, dynamic, sporty and modern fashion, the most high-tech car to show their self, and to release the passion through driving. The emergence of this group marks the advent of a car personalized consumption era, Bora is the vanguard of personalized consumption. It can meet the needs of the user group with high technical content, reliable performance and quality, convenient and decent, and likes to drive. It is a real "driver's car".