Brake fluid introduction

- Dec 25, 2018-

Brake fluid introduction

Brake fluid is a liquid medium that transmits brake pressure in a hydraulic brake system and is used in vehicles that use hydraulic brake systems. Brake fluid, also known as brake oil or forced oil, its English name is Brake Fluid, which is an indispensable part of the brake system brake. In the brake system, it is used as a medium for force transmission, because the liquid is Can not be compressed, so the pressure from the main pump output will be directly transferred to the sub-pump through the brake fluid

There are three types of brake fluid.

1. Castor oil-alcohol type: It is prepared by blending refined castor oil 45%-55% and lower alcohol (ethanol or butanol) 55%-45%, and obtaining a clear or transparent liquid which is colorless or light yellow by precipitation. That is, alcohol-type automobile brake fluid. Castor oil plus ethanol is alcohol type No. 1, castor oil plus butanol is alcohol type No. 3. The raw material of alcohol type brake fluid is easy to obtain, the synthesis process is simple, and the product has good lubricity; Low boiling point, unstable at low temperature. Alcohol type 1 has ethanol vapor above 45 °C, resulting in gas resistance; castor oil precipitates as milky white gel at -25 °C, and increases with temperature, blocking brake system The brake system is too heavy. In the alcohol type 3 cup test, the brake fluid color is slightly deeper, butanol slightly dissolves the corrosion of the rubber, and white precipitates are also precipitated at -28 ° C. The literature introduces the addition of glycerol, but there is still sedimentation and stratification at low temperatures. In the cold winters and hot summers,

Second, the synthetic type: with ether, alcohol, ester and other additives into the lubrication, anti-oxidation, anti-rust, anti-rubber swelling and other additives.

3. Mineral oil type: It is made by adding a thickening agent and other additives to the refined light diesel oil fraction.