Brief description of the accelerator pedal

- Jan 12, 2019-

Brief description of the accelerator pedal

The accelerator pedal is also called the accelerator pedal. It is part of the automotive fuel supply system. By controlling the amount of pedaling, the engine throttle opening is controlled, the intake air amount is controlled, and the computer controls the amount of oil to control the engine speed.

The throttle of an automobile engine is generally controlled by a pedal, which is also called an accelerator pedal, and is a device for controlling fuel supply by a vehicle engine.

The accelerator pedal should be operated with the right heel on the floor of the cab as a fulcrum. The sole of the foot is gently stepped on the accelerator pedal, and the ankle joint is flexed and extended to step down or relax. When stepping on the accelerator pedal, the force should be soft and gentle.

When starting the engine, do not step on the accelerator pedal, just above the idle throttle. At the start, the refueling should be slightly before the clutch linkage point, and the throttle opening should be moderate to small. Relax the clutch to work closely with the throttle, and the movement is quick.

During operation, the throttle should be increased or decreased depending on the road conditions and actual needs. The gears selected should be appropriate so that the engine runs at medium speed and a large throttle for most of the time to save fuel. Coordination should be made when adding gears, adding clutches, and stepping on the accelerator pedal.

When the car is going uphill, the accelerator pedal should not be stepped on. When using the low speed gear, the throttle should generally be stepped down half. When the car is sloping, the accelerator pedal must not be stepped on. If the engine pedal is not stepped up by three-quarters while the car is running, it should be replaced with a lower gear and then stepped on the accelerator pedal to accelerate. Before the car stops driving and turns off the flame, the accelerator pedal should be loosened first, and the throttle should not be slammed.