Bugatti birth history

- Dec 10, 2018-

Bugatti birth history

Bugatti is a luxury car brand owned by the German Volkswagen Group subsidiary. The early Bugatti brand merged art and technology and achieved brilliant results on the field. However, after the Second World War, it gradually declined and changed hands. In 1998, Volkswagen Group acquired and revived the Bugatti brand and established it as an independent operation. French car brand. The headquarters in Bugatti is still based in Molsheim, France.

Bugatti was known for its sophisticated craftsmanship. It was created in 1909 by the Italian Ettore Bugatti, specializing in the production of sports cars and luxury limousines.

Bugatti's car is like a piece of art. The engine of the car is made by hand and calibrated. All the lightweight parts are spared. Bugatti pays attention to the details and balance of the vehicle. He described his main competitor, Bentley, as "the world's fastest truck," because Bentley only focused on durability and performance while ignoring lightweight. In Bugatti's philosophy of making cars, weight is the biggest enemy.

Bugatti is known as a Cubist artist, and he has actually visited Cubist artists. Many Bugatti engines are not surprising in size, but the output is extremely strong, and many engines are three valves per cylinder. There is even a supercharger. After seeing the structure of the two American Miller racing engines, Bugatti authorized Miller to start deploying the DOHC structure on his car.