BYD car logo meaning

- Mar 31, 2019-

BYD car logo meaning

BYD is a Chinese car brand founded in 1995, mainly producing business cars and family cars and batteries. Starting from the scale of more than 20 people, in 2003, it grew into the world's second largest rechargeable battery manufacturer, and in the same year set up BYD Auto.

BYD Auto follows the development route of independent research and development, independent production and independent brands, and is determined to create a truly affordable national vehicle. The design of the product not only draws on the advanced concepts of international trends, but also conforms to the aesthetic concept of Chinese culture.

On November 8, 2017, BYD was selected as the TOP30 in the era of influence and Chinese business case.

BYD's new logo will no longer use the original blue and white color, the pattern is changed to an elliptical shape, and the light and shadow elements are added. The arrangement of the fonts and the color of the graphics have undergone tremendous changes, highlighting the essence of innovation, technology and corporate culture of BYD Auto, which has injected new meaning and vitality into the BYD brand.

According to high-level BYD people, BYD's new logo is more concise and intuitive, and has an international element. Through this rebranding, BYD Auto will focus on the goal of building an international brand, comprehensively promote the improvement of international brand awareness at all levels of production, science, research and marketing, and continuously improve the market insight of the company, and ultimately achieve the high quality and high quality of the BYD brand. Gold content.