Cadillac brand introduction

- Mar 18, 2019-

Cadillac brand introduction

Cadillac's famous Corolla Shield badge symbolizes its leadership in the automotive industry. This profound and exquisite symbol is also a symbol of the Cadillac family as a royal aristocracy, as well as the courage and honor of the founders of Detroit. The corolla badge is taken from the badge used by Mr. Cadillac. Although the Cadillac badge was not registered as a trademark until 1906. But it has been used since September 1902. The early badge design was that the merlettes were tilted to the left, and a garland of tulip buds extended upwards from both sides and merged at the top of the crown.

From 1916 to 1918, the Cadillac logo was a tulip bud on the original registered trademark and a crown with nine pearls. The jewel in the crown later turned into seven and was designed on the shield. This design has been in use since 1925. In 1933, in order to more perfectly integrate with Cadillac's water-like models, the designers let the logo grow long wings. After the war, Cadillac launched a new logo, designed to include the basic "V" and corolla design. For the first time, the 1947 logo combined the "V" with the Corolla. Starting from the 1956 model, the Cadillac logo has become longer, lower and wider. By the 1960 Cadillac model, the logo was the widest. In the new century, Cadillac has recently launched a series of bold innovations, including the redesign of the Cadillac Corolla Shield logo. The newly designed logo contains bold and sharp edges that reflect Cadillac's future design philosophy. The new corolla retains the existing color combination - golden and pure black, symbolizing wisdom and wealth; red, symbolizing action and courage; silver white, representing purity, kindness, virtue and prosperity; blue, representing knightly chivalry the spirit of. The logo is based on the color of platinum. This is the first time in 27 years that a large-scale innovation in the logo has been made, and it is also one of Cadillac's 30 innovative designs in the past seventy-seven years.

From the registration of the Cadillac trademark to the history of more than 100 years today, Cadillac cars are used by countless political, literary and business giants. In these cars, Fleetwood is regarded as the supreme, multi-purpose ceremonial car, which represents the universal The highest quality and image of the company's luxury sedan. Cadillac has always been the hallmark of the most luxurious cars in the United States.

In 2009, GM, which was severely affected by the financial crisis in the subprime mortgage crisis, declared bankruptcy protection for US federal government assistance. Cadillac and Buick and Chevrolet were declared as redesigned brands.

Cadillac founder Henry Martyn Leland is a New England manufacturer. He attaches great importance to machining accuracy, manufacturing quality and interchangeability of parts, and believes that this is the key to rapidly increasing production and expanding the scale of automobile development. Under the guidance of this very novel idea at the time, by 1906 Cadillac's factory in Detroit had become the world's largest, most complete and equipped car factory, and the cars produced were the best. In 1909, Cadillac joined GM, and Cadillac paid more attention to the luxury and comfort of the car when designing the car. To this day, Cadillac has maintained this tradition and is known worldwide for producing luxury cars.

The Cadillac sedan has had many unforgettable unique designs and technological innovations in its centuries-old history, which has made it a long-lasting luxury car market. Today's Cadillac, in the history of 100 years of superb technology, further integrated into the development concept of GM's innovation and innovation, under the theme of "art and science", to achieve the leading style of the future. The spirit of innovation runs through the entire centuries of development of Cadillac.