Cadillac Elr Advantage

- Dec 03, 2018-

Cadillac Elr Advantage

1. Enhanced AT-PZEV emission technology, which meets the emission standards for allowing single-drive vehicles to enter multi-passenger vehicles in California.

2. LED headlights, daytime running lights and taillights form the iconic front and rear lighting system

Large 20-inch wheels with agile control, comfortable ride and energy efficiency

3. Triple-integrated tires

4. The interiors are all made of master-grade handmade leather, with microfiber suede, chrome, solid wood and optional carbon fiber material.

5. Standard Cadillac CUE system with navigation function. CUE is a groundbreaking vehicle interconnection and control system that uses natural speech recognition technology on smartphones and tablets, capacitive multi-touch interface and interactive gestures that are widely used on smartphones and tablets. Operating technology

6. Program control of charging time, online download of energy efficiency report, and charging alert via smartphone

7. Has a number of advanced Cadillac active safety technologies, including safety warning seat, front collision warning system, lane departure warning system, side blind area warning system, rear cross traffic warning system and adaptive cruise control system.

8. Advanced chassis and suspension system, including HiPer Strut front suspension system, semi-independent compound crank rear suspension system with watt-type connecting rod and continuous damping control system; this continuous damping control system can be every two milliseconds Adjust the damping so that the vehicle maintains optimum handling in all road conditions

9. Standard 10-channel Bose sound system with automatic noise reduction