Can an automatic car wash machine replace manual washing?

- Jan 09, 2019-

Can an automatic car wash machine replace manual washing?

1. The automatic car wash line should solve the safety problem. As long as the mirror is knocked out and the glass is broken, the credit of a shop is basically lost. According to current technology, the error rate of machine car wash on basic safety is already very low. In the market, there are a lot of semi-automatic car wash shop owners feedback, operating a few years, there are few physical damage to the car accident.

2, on the problem of car paint, contact car wash is not good for car paint protection, non-contact can not guarantee to wash. In fact, the machine wash injury paint is more in the hand wash and machine wash sales speech, the problem is exaggerated.

3. About the temperature sense of the service. Especially the whole unattended car wash, the acceptance of customers is still difficult to cross the threshold. This threshold crossing still depends on the cost of manual washing. Is it as common as washing machines instead of hand washing, or is it like an automatic massage chair that can't replace artificial massage, just a fragmentation replacement? In the category of car wash, it may take a long time to prove.

4. Conversion to other service categories. If it is not just a car wash business, but to transform other beauty, and even maintenance and extensions. At present, automatic can not replace artificial.