Car air conditioning type

- Mar 27, 2019-

Car air conditioning type

1. According to the driving method, it is divided into: independent type (dedicated one engine-driven compressor, large cooling capacity, stable operation, but high cost, large volume and weight, mostly used for large and medium-sized passenger cars) and non-independent (air conditioning compressor) Driven by the car engine, the cooling performance is greatly affected by the engine work, and the stability is poor, and it is mostly used for small passenger cars and cars.

2, according to air conditioning performance is divided into: single function type (the refrigeration, heating, ventilation systems are installed separately, separate operation, do not interfere with each other, mostly used on large passenger cars and trucks) and integrated heating and cooling (cooling, heating, ventilation sharing) The blower and the air duct are controlled on the same control panel. When working, they can be divided into a combination of cold and warm air working separately and a mixed temperature regulating type where cold and warm air can work at the same time. The car is mixed with temperature and temperature.

3, according to the control mode is divided into: manual (push the function keys on the control panel to control the temperature, wind speed, wind direction) and electronically controlled pneumatic adjustment (using the vacuum control mechanism, when the air conditioning function key is selected, it can be scheduled Automatic control of temperature and air volume within temperature).

4, according to the adjustment method is divided into: automatic adjustment (using the calculation comparison circuit, through the sensor signal and pre-adjustment signal control adjustment mechanism work, automatic adjustment of temperature and air volume) and microcomputer-controlled automatic adjustment (with microcomputer as the control center, to achieve Optimal control and adjustment of all-round, multi-functional air environment in the car).