Car Beauty Project Overview

- Jun 11, 2018-

Car Beauty Project Overview

The main items of professional car beauty include the following:

1. The exterior of the car body is clean, including large pieces of mud washing, oil removal, static electricity removal, waxing of new cars, deep cleaning, and the treatment of foreign materials such as lacquer glue, asphalt, and bird droppings.

2, interior cleaning and maintenance.

3, anti-rust mute chassis treatment, through the construction of chassis armor to achieve the effect of soundproof rust.

4, beauty care engine system.

5, paint beauty care, including the treatment of paint defects, such as light scratches, remove the sun and other patterns. Paint surface protection, paint waxing, sealing glaze, coating, plating crystal.

6, tires, wheels and other care and maintenance.

7, plastic parts, leather and other beauty care.

8, interior air purification, protection of formaldehyde purification, photocatalyst, car smoke machine, car air purifier and so on.

9, headlight repair.

10, glass cleaning and repair