Car care tips:Why protect the original car paint?

- Apr 20, 2018-

Why protect the original car paint?

The original car paint is a non-renewable resource. If it is destroyed, it will never reach the original effect. Even if the whole car is sprayed with the original car, it will be very different, because the process and the environment cannot be achieved.

protecting the original car paint becomes the key to the appearance of your car. I will give you two suggestions.

First, the new car will immediately undergo the process of paint coating, protect the original paint, avoid scratches, ultraviolet rays and all kinds of pollution. Of course, it must use good paint care products, and no harm to the paint surface of inorganic products. .

Second, if you have scratches and oxides that your car has already created, then use a water-based, environmentally friendly abrasive to polish the paint and remove the oxide layer. Then perform a mirror reduction and a paint finish to restore the original product.  In the polishing process, the choice of abrasive is not as clean as possible, but the scratches are removed without harming the original paint. Some products have a large cutting force, and the paint is removed one by one. In that case, it will not be able to be thrown several times, and the original paint will be gone. to choice  water-based environmental abrasives, moderate cutting force, ensures that the original paint is minimally damaged, and at the same time, the mirror effect of the paint surface is restored to the maximum, and then the crystal-plating care can be used to make your car reappear. KISHO Glass coatingcan increase brightness and transparency. After crystal plating, it will not be subject to minor scratches and erosion by various sources of pollution.