Car filter classification

- Oct 19, 2018-

Car filter classification

1.Air filter

In order for the engine to function properly, a large amount of pure air must be inhaled. If the airborne substances (dust, gelatin, alumina, acidified iron, etc.) are sucked in, the cylinder and piston components will increase the burden, abnormal wear, and even into the engine oil, resulting in greater wear and tear. This results in deterioration of engine performance and shortened life. At the same time, the air filter also has a sound-absorbing function. Air filters generally require 10,000 km to change to achieve the best results.

2. Air conditioning filter

It is used to filter the air in the car compartment and the air circulation inside and outside the car. Remove air from the cabin or enter dust, impurities, smoke odor, pollen, etc. in the air in the cabin to ensure the health of the passengers. At the same time, the air conditioner filter also has the function of making the windshield difficult to atomize. Air conditioning filters generally require 10,000 km replacement to achieve the best results.

3. Oil filter.

As a component of the internal combustion engine, it plays an important role in the lubrication system. It filters out the metal grinding debris generated in the engine during the combustion process and the carbon particles and the colloidal oil gradually produced by the oil. These impurities can accelerate the wear of moving parts and easily cause the lubricating oil to be blocked. The oil filter ensures the normal operation of the internal combustion engine, greatly improves the service life of the internal combustion engine and prolongs the service life of other components.

4. Fuel filter.

The function of the fuel filter is to filter the fuel (gasoline, diesel) required for engine combustion, and prevent foreign matter such as dust, metal powder, and water organic matter from entering the engine to prevent engine wear and blockage of the fuel supply system. .