Car fire extinguisher type introduction

- Mar 24, 2019-

Car fire extinguisher type introduction

The fire extinguishing mechanism of dry powder fire extinguisher is chemical suppression, blocking the chain reaction of combustion, high fire extinguishing level, full function, rapid fire extinguishing, electrical insulation performance and good low temperature performance, especially suitable for use in factory enterprises, storage and outdoor configuration. The downside is that the dry powder fire extinguishing agent is not resistant to re-ignition and the user must undergo special technical training. Because of the price advantage, most of the fire extinguishers equipped with vehicles are portable pressure dry powder fire extinguishers.

The superfine dry powder fire extinguisher has the same fire extinguishing mechanism as ordinary dry powder fire extinguishers. It has the advantages of dry powder fire extinguisher, and has good anti-reburning effect and high fire extinguishing efficiency, which is 6-10 times that of ordinary dry powder fire extinguisher. However, ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguishers are also higher in price than ordinary dry powder fire extinguishers. Ultra-fine dry powder has been well developed in the automotive automatic fire extinguishing device. At present, the vehicle ultra-fine dry powder automatic fire extinguishing device has been widely used for bus fire fighting.

The mechanism of extinguishing carbon dioxide fire extinguishers is suffocation, and fire suppression is carried out by reducing the concentration of air oxygen around the combustion products. Carbon dioxide as a fire extinguishing agent has good insulation properties. However, the disadvantage is that the fire extinguishing concentration is high, so the fire extinguishing level is low, and it should be used in a relatively closed space; the anti-reburning ability is poor; carbon dioxide is a moderately toxic substance, when the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air reaches 2%. It can cause unpleasant feelings. When the concentration reaches 7% to 9%, it will cause difficulty in breathing, vomiting, numbness, and confusion. When the concentration reaches 10%, people stay in this environment for one minute and lose consciousness. When a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is used, its local concentration greatly exceeds this concentration. Due to the dangers of being equipped with such fire extinguishers in the car, the owner is very experienced.

The water-filming foam (now called water-based) fire extinguishing mechanism is cooled and isolated. It has a high fire-extinguishing level, and has little water loss during use. It has neither secondary pollution of dry powder nor carbon dioxide toxicity. However, one of the biggest disadvantages of domestically produced aqueous film-forming foam fire extinguishing agents is that they have poor stability after dilution and cannot be stored for a long time. For a practical fire extinguishing agent, storage stability is one of the most important performance indicators. In comparison, the price of aqueous film-forming foam fire extinguishers is also high.

A fire broke out in a car and the fire extinguisher was the first firefighter. Although there is no mandatory requirement for private cars to be equipped with fire extinguishers in China, private cars should be equipped with fire extinguishers to prevent them from happening. According to the model and size of the car, it is beneficial to your safety and your car to be equipped with suitable fire extinguishers in terms of economy, safety and efficiency. Finally, it is recommended that the owner of the car in order to car safety and summer, it is best to cast a "self-inflation" for the car (especially in the region with high summer temperatures in southern China).