Car front wheel drive features

- Nov 29, 2018-

Car front wheel drive features

Low cost

 1) Low cost The first consideration for manufacturers when designing and producing cars is the cost. The predecessor design is less expensive than the rear drive, regardless of design and assembly. The front drive does not require a rear drive axle and a rear gearbox. The drive train is also different from the rear drive, with fewer components and more concentration. This allows other parts of the car, such as the brake system, oil circuit, and exhaust system to be easily placed in the lower part of the car.

Light weight

2) Lighten weight The same displacement and horsepower, the lighter the car itself, the easier it is to accelerate, the shorter the braking distance, and the more fuel-efficient. The mechanical components of the front drive are less and simpler than the rear drive, so the weight can be reduced. And because the weight of the engine and the transaxle are loaded on the front wheels as the drive wheels, it helps to improve the traction of the car, which is very advantageous on smooth roads.

Increase internal space

3) Increase the internal space The predecessor does not need to leave space for the rear drive equipment on the floor like the rear drive, so there is more room for space utilization. Disadvantages: 1. Maneuverability The biggest drawback of the predecessor is the handling. The ideal weight distribution before and after is 50:50, but it is rare and difficult to do this. Because the front part of the concentrated part is concentrated, the rear weight becomes very light. The rear wheels can easily lose grip, especially on slippery roads. 2. The front wheel load is too large. The front wheel is responsible for both traction and steering. The task is too much to be perfect, the steering is not precise enough, the front axle is overburdened when accelerating and braking, and the head and nod are more obvious, which affects comfort.