Car navigation function

- Jul 08, 2018-

Car navigation function

1.Support CMMB digital TV

It can support CMMB digital TV, watch HD programs at any time during the driving process, and understand the latest global information in the first time to meet the needs of users.

2.True color HD digital screen

True color high-definition digital screen, 800 * 480 resolution, the latest display processing technology, performance color, high dynamic contrast to achieve an excellent level, to bring you high-definition picture quality, enjoy a high-quality visual feast.

3.Intelligent digital operating platform

Based on ARM architecture Windows CE intelligent operating system integration development, the system runs more stable, faster and more powerful.

4.Super strong electronic shockproof

The exclusive vehicle anti-shock technology, from the hardware and software aspects, ensures that the system operates normally during the driving process of the car, and the DVD reading disc does not stop, and the use is smoother.

5.Support rear view

Support rear view, solve the problem of owner reversing, avoid the trouble of cleaning the car, and bring more value to the owner.

6.Support for the box function

Solve navigation and modification troubles, support DVD/CD multi-disc box function, play longer time, avoid the unsafe hidden danger caused by taking the disc and changing the disc during driving.

7.One-touch Bluetooth handsfree

The built-in Bluetooth hands-free device realizes the one-touch function during driving, so that both hands can concentrate on driving while driving, and can also talk while driving safely.

8.FM/AM radio

Built-in super radio module, support FM/AM radio, listen to the latest real-time road conditions, all the way unimpeded, support 30 radio automatic storage, avoid the trouble of searching.

9.Multimedia playback

Supports media playback such as DVD/VCD/CD/MP4/MP3, and supports remote control/full-screen touch control such as DVD. The latest multimedia digital processing technology, audio and video playback is excellent, bringing rich and diverse entertainment to the boring driving process.

10.Digital high and low sound control

Digital high and low sound processing technology, flexible adjustment of the high and low frequency center frequency, the best listening position selection, to meet the different listening enjoyment of the owner.

11.Support SD/USB

Reserve SD/USB interface, support large-capacity network multimedia resources such as SD/USB/hard disk loading, more entertainment at your fingertips, experience the joyful life brought by car navigation system.

12.Real 3D map navigation

The latest 800*480 resolution HD 3D real-life map, covering 1200 cities nationwide, 7.5 million service information points, support various security tips (such as speeding, traffic lights, electronic eyes, etc.), automatic path planning, let you drive unimpeded.