car paint polishing pros and cons

- Feb 24, 2018-

Polishing for a short period of time can really restore damaged gloss paint, improve the brightness of the paint, so that the paint a new look.But the paint is not a good way to protect. Now owners of higher and higher maintenance awareness, we have realized that with its many repairs, it is better to choose a better conservation, to minimize the number of polishing lacquer polishing operations. Because the nature of abrasive polishing agent is the small particles by friction to the surface of the oxide layer, dirt or scratches slightly scratched away, so the more the car paint throw thinner, polishing each polishing time, the surface of the varnish will reduce 2-3UM, To paint has brought serious damage. Many parts of the car can be replaced with new original parts, such as tires, lights, and even the engine can change, but can not be replaced by the original car paint, car paint equal to change body, the original paint once affected Damage can cause vehicle devaluation. In the used car market, the original car paint and post-painted car prices will be much worse.