Car sheet metal painting steps

- Nov 14, 2018-

Car sheet metal painting steps

Automotive sheet metal painting, we usually take 3 steps

<1> head primer

Filling the sand marks and micropores in the bottom layer of the workpiece to increase the adhesion of the underlying coating, and also has a defect indication function.

<2> Medium primer

A very important part of the coating is to prepare a complete smooth working surface for the topcoat, complete the final process of all primer work, increase the adhesion of the intervening layer and have a certain isolation to ensure the quality stability of the topcoat.

<3> topcoat

The topcoat is divided into a single layer paint and a multi-layer paint. It is a certain layer of color and a decorative protective layer. The single layer paint is commonly known as plain paint, also known as ordinary paint, and can be completed in one layer. Multi-layer paint silver powder series paint and pearl series paint, which are divided into double-layer and multi-layer construction process. Silver paint is made of special aluminum material, which has high protection and outdoor stability and strong The beauty of the pearl series is made of high-tech materials such as mica flakes and shells. It is a high-grade and highly decorative high-grade paint.

The paint quality of the topcoat is very high. It needs to be clean, full, bright, not hanging, not hanging, uniform gloss, no leakage, no guns, good leveling, no bottoming, no impetuous, no color cast. It’s not easy to do it all in one go, and it requires a lot of experience and troubleshooting capabilities.