Car Window Glass coating that the most necessary car care during the rainy season

- Mar 18, 2018-

Many car owners have a misconception that it is not necessary for the car to be cared for on rainy days. KISHO Glass Coating strongly recommends the most necessary care for the rain: it is glass coating for your front/back glass to maintain a clear vision and ensure safe driving in the rain!

Car Window Glass coating advantages

After the glass is coated, a special water-skiing protection film is formed on the surface of the windshield, which increases the water repellency and causes the rainwater to rapidly slide away when it comes into contact with the glass. When the vehicle speed rises, the raindrops dropped on the windshield will naturally fall off and fly under wind pressure. It is not easy to adhere to the glass, maintain the visibility of the line of sight, and reduce the use of the wiper, The blurred vision caused by faults will reduce traffic accidents in rainy days and effectively improve the safety of driving in rainy days.