Ceramics glass coating error analysis

- Mar 19, 2018-

Ceramics glass coating error analysis

Many unscrupulous merchants have disseminated some not-so-accurate views and remarks in order to sell their products, causing owners to waste a lot of time and maintenance costs. Not only did not let his car be bright, but it suffered unnecessary damage.

The following KISHO G-01 Window Coating factory helps you to crack down on these erroneous perceptions and recognize the nature of the lacquer plating.

1, scratch-resistant scratches do not produce scratches

Some car owners are always mourning and running to ask: This is the plating in your shop, only a few weeks, ah, the car paint surface has produced minor scratches, plated crystal is not able to prevent it? How do you get scratches again? ”

In fact, the plating of crystal can really improve the surface hardness of the paint, but it does not mean it is unbreakable. All the bad manufacturers advocate crystal plating once and for all, and they are very irresponsible.

2, after the plated crystals do not have regular care car

Maybe your car paint has been plated, but still pay attention to daily maintenance and care. Just like women make-up, do not think that makeup can be used once and for all.

After a few months of plating to do some maintenance, to remove the oxide layer on the paint surface, with a professional plating curing agent or Kisho premuam top coating value kit X-03 protectant, can maintain the brightness and gloss of the paint for a long time .

3, do not wash or chaos car wash after plating

Crystal-plated crystal is covered on the paint surface, often do not wash the car, sand, dust, acid rain and other oxides, stay on the paint surface for a long time, will reduce the effect of plating!