Classification of car cleaning methods

- Apr 12, 2019-

Classification of car cleaning methods

1, according to the cleaning medium used, there are two

One is chemical cleaning, and the other is physical cleaning (ie, water cleaning).

Chemical cleaning is to clean the object to be cleaned with chemical substances containing acid and alkali. During the cleaning process, a chemical reaction is generated to remove the contaminants and achieve the effects of cleaning and cleaning, such as decontamination powder used in daily production. Powder, toilet liquid, detergent, etc., but they contain varying amounts of acid and alkali, so the damage is also different, but it is well known that metal objects are afraid of acid, alkali, fear of oxidation, once encountered Acid and alkali will be corroded and oxidized and shed. The residual acid-base liquid after cleaning the object will flow to the rivers and lakes, which will produce a lot of heavy metal substances, which will cause serious deterioration and deterioration of the water body.

Steam car wash demonstration operation point

Steam car wash demonstration operation point (5 photos)

 It is a serious threat to the living environment of human beings, so chemical cleaning is not a desirable cleaning method.

2, according to the cleaning method is divided into two.

That is, water washing is divided into two types: traditional washing and steam washing.

The traditional car wash is a car wash method that uses a high-pressure water gun to wash the body to achieve the purpose of cleaning the body. It is characterized by large water consumption, good cleaning effect, simple operation and convenient use. This method can be seen in alleys and streets. One of the most widely used methods on the market. However, its large amount of water is used, and a large amount of high-alkaline detergent is used. On the one hand, it causes a lot of waste of water resources, on the other hand, it causes irreversible damage to the body, and is increasingly resisted by the government and individual owners.

Steam car wash is a way to clean the car body with special treatment of water vapor. Its characteristics are small water consumption, good cleaning effect, complicated operation, and high requirements for the professionalization of car wash workers. At present, the steam car wash appearing on the market is mainly the way of car washing above the door. Its compact and convenient cleaning features are more and more popular among the majority of car owners. At the same time, as a way of environmental protection, it also meets the requirements of the national construction of a conservation-oriented society. A period of time will be greatly developed.