Classification of frozen oil

- Feb 03, 2019-

Classification of frozen oil

According to different base oils, it can be divided into mineral oil refrigeration oil, semi-synthetic refrigeration oil and fully synthetic refrigeration oil.

Semi-synthetic refrigeration oils and fully synthetic refrigeration oils are collectively referred to as synthetic refrigeration oils.

Full synthetic refrigeration oil

In order to protect the ozone layer, the refrigerants of air-conditioning equipment have been restricted internationally, and various alternative refrigerants have appeared, and the refrigeration oil has also changed accordingly. The alternative refrigerant for air conditioning is R134a, R410a/R407c, and the alternative is to use PAG, POE, respectively, to synthesize frozen oil. The synthetic frozen oil is classified into PAG and POE synthetic frozen oil according to the base oil.

POE is the abbreviation of Polyol Ester, also known as polyester oil, which is a class of synthetic polyol ester oils. PAG is an abbreviation for Polyalkylene Glycol, a synthetic poly(B) glycol lubricant. Among them, POE oil can be used not only in HFC-based refrigerant systems but also in hydrocarbon refrigeration.

PAG oils are lubricants in refrigeration systems that use HFCs, hydrocarbons, and ammonia as refrigerants.