Classification of organic anti-fog mirrors

- Nov 20, 2018-

Classification of organic anti-fog mirrors

1. Coating anti-fog lens

The form of the mist layer is blocked by the coating micropores. It can be sealed on mirror and glass. Anti-fog coating is generally rich in conductive materials A TO and silicon oxide. Form a super-hydrophilic antistatic antibacterial agent with inferior antifouling, anti-fog and anti-static effects

2. Electric anti-fog lens

The mirror surface humidity is increased by electric heating. Thus, a fog layer cannot be formed. In addition, the mist evaporates quickly. There are other types of anti-fog mirrors on the market.

3. Nano composite anti-fog lens

The nano-glass anti-fog mirror film is used to firmly bond the glass with the physical and chemical phases. Since the water cannot form water droplets on the outer surface of the substrate, the treated glass surface has a hydrophilic function. Instead, a uniform water film is formed to achieve an anti-fog effect.