Components of the hydraulic system

- Oct 05, 2018-

Components of the hydraulic system

1. Energy device It is a device that supplies hydraulic system pressure oil and converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. The most common form is a hydraulic pump.

2. Actuator It is a device that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. It is in the form of a hydraulic cylinder for linear motion and a hydraulic motor for rotary motion, which are also referred to as actuators of the hydraulic system.

3. Control adjustment device It is a device that controls or regulates the pressure, flow or flow direction in the system. Such as relief valves, throttle valves, reversing valves, opening and closing valves, etc.

4. Auxiliary devices Other than the above three parts, such as oil tanks, oil filters, oil pipes, etc. They are essential to ensure that the system works properly.

5. The fluid that transfers energy to the working medium, ie, hydraulic oil.