Composition of the steering wheel of a car

- Apr 06, 2019-

Composition of the steering wheel of a car

The steering wheel consists of a hub, spokes, rims and spacers.

The inside of the hub, rim and spoke of the steering wheel is usually made of steel, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy or carbon fiber. There are 1~4 spokes. The use of a spoke facilitates the observation of the meter. In order to ensure that the steering wheel is sufficiently rigid, a reinforcing material, the inner core, must be used. The spokes should have a large enough area to facilitate the collision force between the driver's body and the steering wheel. However, the steering wheel with too many spokes, although having sufficient strength and rigidity, has an adverse effect on the driver's ability to clearly observe the instrument.

The hub portion of the steering wheel is designed with internal splines for mating and securing with the splines on the steering shaft.

The wheel hub, the rim, the spoke and the inner core constitute a steering wheel skeleton assembly, and the skeleton assembly is formed into a steering wheel body by a process such as injection molding or foam molding, and for the advanced steering wheel, a leather is further wrapped on the outer side thereof, and the bonding or Sewing is almost entirely manual. There is also a peach pattern printed on the body of the steering wheel. The material and pattern of the skin are determined by the coordination, innovation and function of the car as a whole.

When the car collides, from the safety point of view, not only the steering wheel should have a soft outer skin to cushion, but also the steering wheel can be deformed when the car is crashed to absorb the impact energy and reduce the driving. The extent to which the member is hurt.

The steering wheel is equipped with a horn button, and some of the car's steering wheel is also equipped with a fixed speed cruise and car entertainment system control switch and an airbag to protect the driver during a crash.

With the development of the automobile industry, in the automotive field, more and more steering disks with airbag systems have been used, which mainly include airbags, gas generators, sensors and the like. Once the vehicle collides, the sensor senses the information, the control unit compares, judges the information, and instructs the gas generator to work as the airbag inflates. The airbag rushes out of the fragile cover plate in the middle of the steering wheel and completes the inflation. The gas-filled airbag supports and protects the personnel. Head and chest.