Cylinder classification

- Aug 05, 2018-

Cylinder classification

1 Single-acting cylinder: only one end has a piston rod, which can generate air pressure from the side of the piston. The air pressure pushes the piston to generate thrust and returns by spring or self-weight.

2 double-acting cylinder: alternately supply air from both sides of the piston, outputting force in one or two directions.

3 Diaphragm cylinder: replace the piston with a diaphragm, output the force in only one direction, and reset with a spring. Its sealing performance is good, but the stroke is short.

4 Impact cylinder: This is a new type of component. It converts the pressure energy of the compressed gas into the kinetic energy of the high-speed (10-20 m/s) movement of the piston, thereby doing work.

5 Rodless cylinder: A general term for cylinders without a piston rod. There are two types of magnetic cylinders and cable cylinders.