Definition of car beauty

- Jun 11, 2018-

Definition of car beauty

Car beauty is the maintenance condition for different materials in various parts of the car, using different car beauty care products and construction techniques, car care and maintenance. "Car beauty" originates from Western developed countries, and the English name is "Car Care".

With the progress of society and the continuous improvement of human civilization, automobiles are entering the lives of ordinary people in the form of popular consumer goods. Therefore, the style, performance, and neatness of automobiles all reflect the character, cultivation, outlook on life, and preferences of car owners. . Therefore, many people want to make their "car" look beautiful and comfortable. For this purpose, the series of work carried out is the "car beauty" that many people see in their eyes!

The car beauty is drawing on the basic concept of human "beauty and beauty" and is gradually forming a modern car beauty. The new concept of car beauty is not just the conventional beauty care such as simple car waxing, decontamination, deodorization, vacuum cleaning, and cleaning services inside and outside the car, but also the use of professional beauty products and high-tech technical equipment, using special techniques and Method: Adding light, waxing, polishing, coating, plating and deep scratches on the finish, a full range of vehicle finishes, chassis armor, engine surface refurbishment, and a series of vehicle maintenance techniques to achieve the “old car new, new car protection value "The effect!

Car beauty is also called Detailing in English, so car beauty starts from the details. All car beauty starts from the car wash. The car wash determines the technical basis.